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Syria, new SDF operation against fuel smugglers in Deir Ezzor

New SDF operation against fuel smugglers in Deir Ezzor. Kurdish forces target criminals in Shahil who operate on the Euphrates. The sales are used to finance pro-ISIS militiamen

New SDF operation to stop smuggling in Deir Ezzor along the banks of the Euphrates. Illegal trafficking, in fact, is considered one of the main sources of financing for the Islamic State. Consequently, dismantling them will reduce the operational and organizational capacity of pro-ISIS jihadists in the Syrian region. This time the maneuvers of the Kurdish forces involved Shahil and, as always, they targeted groups that transship fuel west, in the direction of areas controlled by the army (SAA) and by pro-Iran militias. A similar operation took place on January 30 in Abu Hamam, while the village of Sabha was involved on the 16th of the same month. In all cases, the seized fuel barrels were set on fire and thrown into the river.

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