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Syria, new SDF anti-Isis operation in Deir Ezzor: blitz inside Dhiban

An SDF operation against Isis is underway at Dhiban. Jazeera Storm is on the hunt for an Islamic State cell operating in Deir Ezzor

New SDF raid on Deir Ezzor against ISIS cells. Jazeera Storm troops are conducting targeted maneuvers within Dhiban, a city in the Syrian province near the Euphrates. The goal of the Arab-Kurdish forces is to neutralize a group of militants of the Islamic State, which would have infiltrated the area after crossing the river. The town was surrounded and the military units began to sift through some specific places. It seems, however, that it was the local population that denounced the presence of possible Daesh jihadists. Now civilians are no longer afraid of fundamentalists. Instead, a sense of revenge prevails. The inhabitants, in fact, do not hesitate to provide SDF with information on threats or suspicious movements. Sometimes they also directly monitor the territory and the dangers until the arrival of Syrian fighters.

The Syrian army (SAA), despite continuing air raids, fails to unlock the situation in Hama and Idlib. Rather. It’s committed to countering a new counterattack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Daesh and rebel groups

In the north, however, the Syrian army (SAA) continues its offensive against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Isis and the rebels in Hama and Idlib, but without obtaining apparent advantages. The air raid campaign continues in both areas. Especially between Lataminah and Sahian. However, the SAA does not succeed in unlocking the situation. Indeed, it seems more busy lately to prevent enemies from advancing. HTS-Daesh and anti-government groups, in fact, have just launched a violent counter-attack south of Idlib, forcing the soldiers to react with containment maneuvers. The cities most involved are Kafr Nabudah, Qusaybiyah and Al Qarutiyah. The militias are trying to expel the soldiers in Hama, creating a sort of “buffer zone” in the southern area of ​​the province, in order to prevent the announced imminent invasion by Damascus troops.

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