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Syria, new SDF anti-Isis offensive in Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban

The SDF have launched a maxi operation against Isis cells in Deir Ezzor: the area involved goes from Busayrah to Dhiban, passing through Shahil and Hawaij

New maxi operation of the SDF against Isis cells in Deir Ezzor. Kurdish forces have launched targeted maneuvers between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban in search of some Islamic State groups. These, according to intelligence information, have recently infiltrated from the Badia al-Sham desert through the Euphrates. It is not clear whether to carry out attacks in the Syrian province or if to try to get to the border with Iraq. The last inhabited center involved in the raids is Hawaij, where local fighters have arrested several people in the past few hours and seized numerous weapons. The area is the favorite where Daesh jihadists cross the river and then disappear within the quadrant. This is because the main road that crosses the whole province passes through it and surveillance by the Syrian army is not strict.

Hezbollah is also beginning to hunt down the Islamic State. Objective: to stop Daesh attacks against pro-Iranian militias and the Syrian army (SAA)

Meanwhile, in addition to the pro-Iranian militias, the Arab-military groups of Herzbollah have also begun to hunt Isis on the west side of the Euphrates. They intervened after six members of the Fatimiyoun, the Palestinian brigade Quds, were killed and injured following an Islamic State ambush in Kabbaj, on the road from Deir Ezzor to Damascus. The anti-Daesh convoy split into two sections: one pointing in the direction of Mayadeen and the other in Abu Kamal. Before them, other units had made their way to the Syrian desert of Badia al-Sham to find shelters from where the jihadists left, but the mission had been unsuccessful.

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