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Syria, new SAA offensive against the Islamic State between Deir Ezzor and Homs

Syria, new SAA operation against the Islamic State between Deir Ezzor and Homs. Syrian soldiers, supported by Russian advisers, began combing the desert. The maneuvers were anticipated by intense raids by Moscow fighters on IS positions

The Syrian army (SAA) and allied militias have launched a new operation against the Islamic State in Badia. The troops, supported by Russian military advisers, began combing the desert area from Deir Ezzor to Homs. The maneuvers were preceded by an intense campaign of air raids by Moscow fighters, which lasted almost two days. Objective: to keep the enemies busy, preventing them from ambushing the moving columns. The bombings, however, began after the IS jihadists announced that they had killed some Russian soldiers, who were participating in an airdrop operation. The news, however, has not been confirmed by official sources. In parallel with the offensive against terrorists, work is also continuing to restore bases in remote areas of the quadrant. These, in fact, will be used by the SAA and the allies as logistic and launch platforms to eliminate the fundamentalist pockets in the area.

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