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Syria, new problems for Turkey: war between militias in Idlib

New troubles for Turkey in Syria. In Idlib there is war between militias. In addition to increasing the blocks on the M4, HTS arrests a Faylaq Al-Sham leader. The latter responds by doing the same

New troubles for Turkey in Idlib: within the Syrian province, a war among local militias has suddenly begun. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) jihadists arrested one of the military leaders of the National Liberation Front (Faylaq Al-Sham), Abu Ali Jurjnaz, in the Nayrab area. The group is an ally of Ankara and sought to mediate with the other actors and the population to allow joint patrols on the M4 between TAF and Russian soldiers to take place. In addition, HTS has erected new barriers on the highway. These are added to the blocks organized by local inhabitants, who continue protests against the presence of “enemies” in the quadrant. Not surprisingly, in the past few hours they have forced a Turkish patrol to go back, despite attempts to disperse the protesters. Faylaq al-Sham, however, a few hours later did the same with some members of the rival formation.

The showdown between HTS and Faylaq Al-Sham creates a big problem for Turkey, especially if the pro-Wahhabis win the group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood: there is a risk for Ankara to lose control of its area of ​​influence in northern Syria, moreover on the border

The militia war in Idlib is a serious problem for Turkey. On one hand, it risks losing control of its area of ​​influence in northern Syria, moreover near the border. On the other, it is increasingly in difficulty with Russia ton the issue of joint patrols on the M4, foreseen by the truce with Damascus, but so far never implemented except in small areas. Moreover, the situation could further deteriorate for Ankara if HTS prevails over Faylaq Al-Sham. The first group (close to Wahhabism) in the last period has disown the other (linked to the Muslim Brotherhood) and Turkish interference. This, despite having fought so far together against the Assad regime. The incident is the sign that within Hayat Tahrir al-Sham there has been a recent reunification between the pragmatic and the dogmatic wings of the group, in which the latter has returned to command everyone.

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