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Syria, new mysterious stop of the TAF attacks in Kurdistan

New mysterious stop of the TAF attacks in Syrian Kurdistan. It is feared it is the prelude to the ground offensive in the quadrant, announced by Turkey. All actors involved stockpile supplies and practice combat readiness

The clashes between Turkish and Kurdish forces in northern Syria have mysteriously stopped again and for days, apart from a few sporadic rockets or artillery shells, an apparent calm has reigned in Kurdistan. A first stop had already occurred recently and was motivated by the need for the TAF to replenish ammunition. The second, however, appears inexplicable. There are those who fear that Ankara’s troops are finalizing the last details before starting the land invasion in the quadrant. It is no coincidence that all the players involved are bringing reinforcements and supplies to their areas of relevance. Furthermore, military exercises have multiplied which, for the first time, do not see operations against pro-ISIS jihadists as the main objective. The target, in fact, has become the organization and maintenance of the defense lines, as well as the combat readiness and interoperability of all the units involved.

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