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Syria, new maxi SDF operation against ISIS in the East

New maxi SDF operation against Isis in eastern Syria: from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, passing through Hasakah. Jazeera Storm’s goal: to flush out the Islamic State cells

New maxi SDF operation against Isis in eastern Syria. Jazeera Storm has launched some maneuvers throughout the Syrian region, with the aim of blocking infiltration of elements of the Islamic State and preventing attacks, above all thanks to IEDs. Syrian fighters, supported by the International Coalition, are carrying out raids in Raqqa, looking for militia cells. In another maneuver in Busayrah, Arab-Kurdish forces killed several jihadists who had been hiding in the city. In Tall Mashhin (near Hasakah), on the other hand, they arrested 16 terrorists, after two boys died as a result of a bomb explosion. Finally, SDF units have deployed at Hajin and reinforcements are coming. It is thought that soon there may be a raid to flush out a group of IS fundamentalists who have recently crossed the Euphrates.

The latest events in the Syrian region confirm the sharp deterioration of Daesh operational capabilities. The group relies mainly on explosives, but accidents are increasing exponentially while jihadists place bombs

The latest events in Eastern Syria give some important elements on what is the Isis threat in the region. The militants continue to infiltrate from the west across the river, but their operational capacity has been drastically reduced. It is no coincidence that the “armed” attacks of the Islamic State have collapsed. The militants have, in fact, passed to a guerrilla tactic based above all on the use of explosives against the SDF or the population. Whether they are bomb vehicles or IEDs. This is because they save valuable “resources”. Furthermore, there has been an exponential growth of incidents, which caused the death or injury of jihadists while placing bombs (the last happened in Hawaj). Therefore, either IS relies on inexperienced people, or the materials used are poor. In both cases, however, there is a concrete deterioration of the group’s abilities, while its danger remains high.

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