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Syria, new joint Russia-Turkey patrol. This time in Aleppo

New joint Russia-Turkey patrol, but this time in Aleppo. The convoy passed through Ain al-Arab, but was stopped by a protest from local youth

As expected, Russia-TAF joint patrols are moving west of Idlib. In the past few hours a joint convoy has crossed the area of ​​Ain al-Arab (Kobani) in Aleppo, along the borders between Syria and Turkey. The vehicles, escorted by a Moscow helicopter, passed through the villages in the quadrant until they were forced to stop due to protests by a group of young people and children who had blocked the road. This was reopened only thanks to the intervention of the soldiers of the Federation, but the vehicles of Ankara were still subject to stone throwing. The one just concluded is the first joint patrol after the M4 route was completed, according to what was established in March by the agreement between the presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ankara, having accomplished its mission in Idlib, points east to Ain Issa and Syrian Kurdistan

Analysts fear that Turkey, having accomplished its mission to secure the M4 in Idlib, is heading east, towards Ain Issa, in Syrian Kurdistan. In recent weeks there have been movements of the TAF in the dial, which have forced Damascus to send reinforcements to the SAA in the area. In addition, there have been strange sudden reductions in the flow of water from the Euphrates, which only came back after international protests. On the other hand, Ankara has long been trying to take over the region and its energy resources. It is no coincidence that it also came to propose to Moscow to co-manage them for the “good” of the local population. The invasion has already begun with the progressive replacement of families with others near Turkey and the local currency with that of the neighboring country, but it is slow. Ankara is therefore looking for ways to speed things up.

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