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Syria, new escalation of the silent conflict in Daraa

New escalation of the silent conflict in Daraa. The SAA and pro-Iran allied militias bomb the area with and artillery shells. The rebels react, while the population flees en masse to Jordan

Sudden escalation of the silent internal conflict in Daraa between the Syrian army (SAA) and allied pro-Iran groups (Hezbollah, Fatimyoun, Zienabyoun and others) on the one hand and local anti-government militias on the other. In the past few hours bunches of rockets and artillery shells has fallen on the city, after the failure of yet another attempt at mediation by Russia. Then, the clashes on the ground between the Fourth Division of the SAA and the rebels resumed. The areas most affected are the neighborhoods of al-Balad and al-Ruba’i, located between al-Shaikh Saad and Masaken Jillen. Furthermore, a little while ago, the Hawran Central Committee also joined the conflict, announcing the general mobilization in a statement. The resumption of hostilities has given way to a new mass flight of the population, which from Tafs is heading towards the borders with Jordan.

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