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Syria, new details on the links between Isis and Turkey from AIn Issa

The NPA finds a witness of the escape of 785 family members of the Daesh militiamen from the camp of Ain Issa: It was organized. The “Isis brides” first moved into the northern area. Then, as the Turkish bombing started, called their husbands and were taken from trucks

The escape of the wives of the Isis militiamen from the SDF camp to Ain Issa has been organized. On October 12, the Turkish offensive in northern Syria struck the structure allowing 785 family members of Islamic State jihadists to evade and disappear in the territories controlled by Ankara troops. The North Press Agency (NPA) was able to find a witness of the events, which explained what happened. First the wives of terrorists paid some motorcyclists to be transferred to the northern area of ​​the structure. Then, after the bombing began, attacked “civilian” women in the area and called their husbands by cell phones, reporting what was happening step by step. Finally, military vehicles (she saw one) entered and took them away. The witness does not know in what direction, but it is assumed to the north where there are various Daesh groups.

The woman’s words, combined with those of the jihadist of the Islamic State recently captured in Raqqa, confirm that a link exists between Isis and Turkey

The woman’s words, combined with the confession of a fundamentalist recently captured in Raqqa, confirm that a link exists between Isis and Turkey. It is not clear whether Ankara actually supports the Islamic State, but it is certain that it has benefited and exploited the escape of jihadists from the camps in the north east of Syria to distract the SDF and weaken their defenses. The coordinates of the Kurdish prisons affected, in fact, were well known to all. Therefore, there could be no errors in target selection. Furthermore, there is the fact that the fugitive Daesh militiamen did not go in mass to the south as was believed in the beginning. Most of them, however, remained hidden in the area bordering the neighboring country. Probably waiting to receive support and resources. Not surprisingly, the last series of Kurdish and Inherent Resolve operations allowed for the arrest of many.

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