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Syria, new clashes between pro-Turkey militias in the north

New clashes between pro-Turkey militias in Northern Syria. Tension rises between allied groups of the TAF while the military build-up in Sere Kanye is underway. The resources arriving from Ankara are less and less

The tension between the pro-Turkish militias in Northern Syria grows following the military build-up, which sees the TAF and allied factions on the one hand and the SDF and the Damascus Army (SAA) on the other. Two groups of the al-Hamza Division clashed in Ras al-Ain (Sere Kanye) in the province of Hasakah to determine who should control a territory and benefit from the resources stolen from the local population. The battle saw a death toll on both sides. Just a few days ago there were similar incidents involving the same formation, Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah and al-Sham Corps. In the first case the place of the confrontation was identical, while in the second it was Ain Issa, Sherkirek and Hammam al-Turkman (Raqqa). The cause, however, continues to be the same: grabbing resources, after Ankara cut aid to all militias, while sending them to the front line.

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