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Syria, nervousness on Idlib truce grows. Turkey sends more reinforcements

Nervousness on the truce in Syria is growing: Turkey sends further reinforcements to Idlib. Ankara deployed over 2,100 vehicles and 10,000 TAF soldiers to the province in the event of Spring Shield reactivating against Damascus. Erdogan, however, also continues to negotiate with Russia

New worrying signs on the fragile Turkey-Damascus truce in Syria. Ankara continues to strengthen its military presence in Idlib in case the Spring Shield operation is reactivated. In the last few hours, despite all the activities in the province slowed down following the coronavirus emergency, another 25 armoured vehicles entered the country from Kafr Loosin, like the previous ones. According to local sources, about 2,100 vehicles and thousands of soldiers have arrived since the ceasefire began. In addition, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) says that about 10,250 TAF soldiers have been deployed between Idlib and Aleppo since 2 February. This is despite the fact that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just had a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on how to implement the agreements between the two nations.

Already in recent days there were signs of the growing nervousness of Turkey and Damascus. From exchanges of artillery shells between SAA and TAF in Idlib to the respective movements along the M4

Signals that there is growing nervousness between Turkey and Damascus had already arrived in the past few hours. The TAF and the Syrian army (SAA) had exchanged several artillery shells between Saraqeb and Idlib in recent days. Meanwhile, Ankara is still working to create a safe corridor along the M4 inside the province to allow joint patrols with Russia. The Assad regime, however, sent reinforcements to the east (towards Ain Issa) to block any possible attempt by the enemy to move assets in this direction, taking advantage of the highway. Erdogan, in fact, is trying in every way to chase the Kurds from the quadrant to take possession of the oil wells. By the way, he also proposed to Moscow to work together, using crude oil revenues, to “rebuild” the nation.

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