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Syria, mysterious attacks against Turkey and HTS in Idlib on the rise

Mysterious attacks against Turkey and HTS in Idlib increase. Commandos aboard motorcycles hit the two actors’ posts, but they seem invisible

Mysterious attacks against the Turkish military and the militia of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib increase. In recent days there have been several ambushes, which have targeted positions of the TAF or HTS in different areas of the Syrian province, from the M4 to the north. The common elements are the modus operandi of the attackers, who have always acted aboard motorcycles, and the fact that no one has claimed them. According to analysts, there are two hypotheses: a group of rival jihadists is trying to raise their heads or are actions ordered by Damascus. In both cases, the objective is common: to fuel Ankara’s confusion and distrust of local allies. HTS tried to react by ordering sweeps across the quadrant to find commandos, but so far the searches have not been successful.

Meanwhile, Ankara continues to send reinforcements to Zawija

Meanwhile, Turkey continues to strengthen the Zawija axis in Idlib. In the past few hours, a new convoy of reinforcements has entered the Syrian province from the Kafr Loosin crossing. There are about fifteen vehicles with logistical and military equipment, which immediately headed south. Ankara is trying to lock up the area to block all roads to Barah and the M4 for the Damascus army (SAA). By the way, it is also setting up new observation points. In parallel, the SAA continues to attack (from a distance) the positions of local militiamen in the quadrant. The latest targets of Damascus artillery and rockets were Safohin, Kansafra, Flifel, Al-Fatira, Benin, Al-Ruweiha, Kaddoura and Al-Ankawi. The rebels, however, responded with a barrage east of Idlib.

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