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Syria, militias in the North are preparing for Coalitions war by making money on the population

The militias in Northern Syria are preparing for the war between Coalitions by making money on the population. Peasants extorted by al-Sham Corps and Sultan Murad in Afrin and Aleppo. The AZM wants to strengthen and cut resources to the SLF

Coalitions of militias in northern Syria start to strengthen by making money on the population. Members of the al-Sham Corps, close to Turkey and part of the AZM, have begun to extort the population of the Shirawa district of Afrin. In order to gain access to their land at harvest time, farmers must have a security visa, which can only be obtained by paying a duty to the faction. Otherwise, they are liable to be arrested. Same story with Sultan Murad in the Sharran district in Aleppo. The goal is to quickly acquire resources to be able to counter the rival alliance, the SLF, while taking them away from the enemy. What is happening confirms that there is an ongoing escalation in the quadrant and that a real internal conflict with unpredictable outcomes could soon break out.

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