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Syria, a mighty blow for Isis at Deir Ezzor: the last 2 “Beatles” captured

SDF stopped the “Beatles”, the group of Jihadi John, the UK hangman of Daesh

In Syria, Isis receives a terrible blow bound to have repercussions also on its network abroad. As the New York Times reported, the SDF part of operation Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera), arrested two well known Daesh foreign fighters, south of Deir Ezzor. They are two British citizens: Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh. The last elements of the “Beatles”, a group of the Islamist State, which hit the headlines of international news thanks to barbaric executions of journalists and International aid workers. The other elements of the group were Aine Davis and Mohammed Emwazii. The first is in prison in Turkey, accused of terrorism. The second, known as Jihadi John, was killed during an air raid in Syria in 2015 after having been the object of an intense manhunt. He was one of the most known executioners famous for having beheaded many US and UK hostages. The victims of this group are over 27.

Kotey and Elsheikh passed on to the USA important updated information on the leadership and structure of Isis. Also at international level

SDF, after they had arrested Kotey and Elsheikh, realized that they were dealing with important foreign fighters of Isis. With the result that, according to the US newspaper, they allowed the American special forces to deal with them. At the beginning the Daesh terrorists denied their identities, but biometrics and fingerprints nailed them. At that point they started to answer the questions of the interrogators, giving very precious information on the structure of the Islamic State today. Not only in Syria but also at global level. Katey for example, was a recruiter of terrorists, responsible of having enlisted in the organization various UK citizens. Elsheikh, instead, was an expert in violent interrogatories and executions. Besides, he was a famed jailer. Both, therefore, could supply very important intel useful for the final defeat of the organization. Not only at a military level, but also logistic and organizational at international level.

Other details on Isis have come from cell phones and electronic devices of the two jihadists. Hostages still in the hands of the Islamic State are being searched for

Other information on the present leadership and structure of Isis has been obtained from data supplied by cellphones and other electronic devices (laptops and tablets), confiscated to Kotey ed Elsheikh by the SDF. The Kurdish forces handed over to the US intelligence the devices, so that they could analyze and extrapolate their contents. Although there are no official confirmations, it seems that the interrogations of the 2 Daesh Beatles and the data are considered of great value by the experts. The investigators are also looking for traces of other hostages still in the hands of the Islamic State. First of all of the British journalist John Cantlie, kidnapped together with his colleague James Foley (executed by Johadi John). The man appeared in various videos of propaganda of the jihadists, but there is no indication on his fate.

The New York Times article on the arrest of last 2 “Beatles” elements

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