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Syria, maxi SDF raid against the Islamic State in al-Hol


Maxi SDF raid against the Islamic State in al-Hol. Kurdish forces, together with Inherent Resolve, after establishing a curfew, stormed the first 3 sections of the camp in Hasaka: 14 pro-ISIS Iraqis arrested

Maxi raid of the SDF, supported by Inherent Resolve, in the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka. Objective: to track down the Islamic State cells hiding in the prison. The operation began with the imposition of a curfew inside the structure. Then Kurdish special forces simultaneously stormed the first three sections, which resulted in the arrest of 14 Iraqis including a woman. The intelligence believes they are responsible for the chain of civilian killings and attacks on internal checkpoints in the Syrian prison. In recent times, in fact, there had been an escalation of executions of guests of the camp, arriving at 79 since the beginning of the year. Of these, many were women. It is believed that in al-Hol there is a real network of indoctrination and recruitment of jihadists, managed by the “Isis-brides”, the wives of the militiamen. Anyone who rebels or hinders him is sentenced to death.

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