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Syria, maxi SDF operation against the Islamic State in Busayrah

Maxi operation of the SDF against the Islamic State in Busayrah. Searches throughout the city, in cooperation with Inherent Resolve, to deeply neutralize the IS networks in Deir Ezzor and in the east of the country

The SDF have launched a maxi operation against the Islamic State inside Busayrah in Deir Ezzor. Kurdish Arab forces surrounded the city and imposed a curfew. At the same time, a search began to find the cells of the former Isis based in the inhabited center. The HAT special forces, with the support of Inherent Resolve, have so far arrested 17 jihadists and seized numerous weapons and equipment. Busayrah, in fact, is known for hosting IS logistics and support networks, which manage the groups operating in Eastern Syria. These are in charge of financing them, getting them weapons and resources from the western banks of the Euphrates. It is no coincidence that the SDF carry out periodic blitzes. The operation of these hours, however, is different. It is a widespread search to neutralize networks in depth and once and for all.

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