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Syria, maxi SDF operation against Isis sleeper cells in Raqqa

The SDF launched a large operation in Raqqa to dismantle the Isis sleeper cells. For now Jazeera Storm has stopped six, but the hunt for jihadists of the Islamic State continues. Also in Deir Ezzor

The SDF launched a maxi operation in Raqqa against Isis sleeper cells in Raqqa after the failed attack on Jazeera Storm headquarters in the city. Last week a commando of at least four elements of the Islamic State had tried to break into the building, but had been successfully rejected. Then, to avoid capture, the jihadists blew themselves up causing casualties. Following this, Syrian fighters organized a series of targeted round-ups that have so far led to the dismantling of six militia groups. The objective of the maneuvers, also underway in Deir Ezzor (especially in Baghouz), is in the short term to eliminate the ability of Daesh to carry out attacks and attacks. In the medium, the possibility for fundamentalists to regroup. At the same time, the de-mining operations in the last areas freed by terrorists are continuing, to allow local inhabitants to return to their homes as soon as possible.

Jazeera Storm wants to stop Daesh’s growing wave of hit and run attacks, started after the final defeat in Baghouz

The ISIS militiamen, in fact, have increased attacks in eastern Syria, passing (as expected) to guerrilla techniques such as hit and run. The Islamic State jihadists mainly use imrovvies devices (IEDs) and in small groups attack SDF checkpoints at night. Finally, to move and hide, they exploit networks of local supporters. Jazeera Storm expected this transformation and, immediately after freed Baghouz, started a major manhunt in the whole area. The objectives, moreover, are not only the Daesh sleeping cells, but also their network and the medium and high profile fugitives. These point in two directions: to the west, towards the desert of Badia Al-Sham, and to the east, on the border with Iraq. To cover transfers, as seen in the case of the Al-Abra operation, attacks are carried out elsewhere as a diversion.

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