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Syria, maxi SDF operation against Isis cells in Raqqa

Maxi SDF operation in Raqqa against ISIS cells. Jazeera Storm dismantles one of the most important local Islamic State groups

The SDF have dismantled a large Isis cell in Raqqa. The special forces of Jazeera Storm (HAT) carried out a raid in the city arresting seven elements of the Islamic State, which had many weapons and equipment at their disposal: from guns with silencers to grenades and explosives, passing through the communication apparatus, up to wi-fi devices. According to Syrian fighters it was one of the most important Daesh groups at the local level, as confirmed by the quantity and quality of the seized material, which planned attacks against the population and the Kurdish forces. The fundamentalists were also responsible for numerous intimidation of civilians and may have played a role in crop fires in nearby Deir Ezzor. Intelligence is now working to analyze the documents found in the fundamentalists’ lair.

Damascus launches a new campaign on the ground against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Daesh and other rebel groups in Hama. Furthermore, it continues to bomb Idlib, but the stall does not unlock

Meanwhile, Damascus has launched a new attack against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Isis and rebel groups in Hama. The Syrian army (SAA) invaded the area of ​​al-Jabin and Tal Meleh, after an intense fire of rockets and artillery, as well as after the hunting raids. At the moment there are violent clashes between HTS-Daesh and the SAA. Attacks on different locations in Idlib also continue. An air offensive is underway at Has, Kafr Safra and Khan Shaykhun. The city of Khan Sheikhun, instead, is targeted by the Assaf artillery from the base of Sheikh Al-Hadid. But the situation on the ground, even though the campaign has started a long time ago, still does not unblock. The soldiers of Damascus, in fact, have not yet managed to conquer Hama. Obligatory passage to then move to Idlib.

Photo Credits: SDF

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