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Syria, maxi SDF-Inherent Resolve operation against the Islamic State

Maxi operation SDF-Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State. Objective of the maneuvers, underway in Deir Ezzor: neutralize the shelters of pro-ISIS jihadists. The US will not leave, also thanks to the expansion of Iran in the area

Maxi operation by the SDF and Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State shelters in Eastern Syria. Kurdish and Coalition forces launched a series of joint raids on Abu Khashab Road in Deir Ezzor. Objective: to neutralize the main buildings used by pro-ISIS jihadists to hide men, weapons, ammunition and explosives. The maneuvers are still in progress and an expiration date has not been defined. The joint operation, moreover, confirms that the United States and its allies have no intention of abandoning the quadrant. On the contrary. They are strengthening it, especially now that Iran’s activity on the opposite side of the Euphrates is increasing. In addition to the recruitments and purchases of real estate, dual-use commercial activities continue. In particular, the construction of a bridge between Hawiqa and Husseiniya, financed by Tehran and Russia, is at an advanced stage. Once completed, the infrastructure will be 220 meters long and six meters wide.

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