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Syria, maxi SDF blitz against the ISIS assassination cell in Raqqa

Maxi SDF operation to dismantle the Isis assassination cell in Raqqa. The militiamen of the Islamic State prepared an attack for revenge

Maxi SDF operation in Raqqa against the Isis assassination cell. Jazeera Storm’s Special Forces (HAT) arrested members of the Islamic State group that dealt with targeted killings in the Syrian city. The militants, led by Muhammad Sabah Abbas, met periodically to plan attacks against Arab-Kurdish forces. In particular they wanted to avenge the arrest of Ali Hussein, one of the local Daesh leaders, which happened recently. According to local sources, quoted by the North Press Agency (NPA), the order came directly from Ahmad al-Halshoum “, nicknamed Sheikh al-Gaddafi. The man is the head of Syria’s secret Shoura Council. The operation, foiled before it happened (it was scheduled for 4 August), should involve two cars filled with explosives, and for the occasion the jihadists had been banned from using mobile phones for a few days, following fears that Hussein would confess and delivered the cell’s contacts to the enemy.

Jazeera Storm also carries out anti-Daesh operations in Tabqa and Hasakah. Meanwhile, reconstruction continues throughout eastern Syria

The SDF, moreover, have carried out other excellent arrests of ISIS militiamen also in Tabqa. In an operation involving at least 150 HAT members, an Islamic State cell operating in the region was dismantled. Furthermore, anti-Daesh maneuvers are taking place in the village of Jaza, in Hasakah province. It seems that even in this case the Arab-Kurdish forces are looking for a group of jihadists, responsible for numerous attacks in the area. At the same time, however, work continues on reconstructing the quadrant with the restoration of some bridges and ferries. Furthermore, roads, damaged by clashes with IS and by recent atmospheric phenomena, are beginning to be repaired. The next step will be to increase electricity supply for the population of all eastern Syria, from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, passing through Hasakah.

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