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Syria, maxi offensives of Damascus at Daraa and Idlib begin

At the start in Syria, although not officially, maxi offensives of Damascus against the rebels and Daesh at Idlib and Daraa. For the ground operation, however, Assad needs the ok from Israel, Jordan and USA

In Syria, although not officially, maxi offensives of the Damascus army (SAA) against groups of rebels at Daraa and Idlib have been resumed. While men and equipment continue to arrive, drones have taken off from the two areas. Their objective is to study the enemy’s defenses and identify their weaknesses. Moreover, the soldiers launched attacks by using the artillery to test the resistance and reaction of the anti-government forces. The last one of these took place at al-Latamina, north of Hama in the surroundings of Idlib. Before the troops move, however, the regime of Bashar Assad will need to have the approval of all the countries involved. Namely Israel, Jordan and Usa. Otherwise there is the risk that the troops will only be attacked by the militiamen and the Daesh – present in the area of Tasil -, but also by the neighboring countries. The cooperation of these countries is necessary to prevent the militiamen to escape from the borders.

At Deir Ezzor the Syrian army (SAA) and the Russian military advisers have adopted a new tactic to repulse the attack of the Islamic State at Mayadeen

Meanwhile more informations are acquired on the failed offensive of Daesh at Mayadeen (Deir Ezzor) against the Syrian army. The Islamic State launched a surprise attack in mass, which however, was thwarted by the SAA even though with losses in their ranks and in those of the Russian military advisers (4 killed, confirmed by Moscow, but probably more). According to local sources, the defeat of Isis was possible thanks to a new tactic adopted by the soldiers of Damascus. During the night assault of Isis, several military vehicles heavily armed moved away from the bases, while the artillery created a fire curtain with missiles. At that point the vehicles attacked in the darkness the flank of the jihadists, who did not expect their arrival. After an hour of battle, the militiamen had to retreat leaving on the ground 43 elements, 6 pick-ups and many injured.

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