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Syria, massive invasion of SDF at Bahrah and Isis escapes southwards

SDF are forcing Isis to escape towards the extreme south of Deir ez-Zor

SDF entered Bahrah and are chasing Isis southwards, out of the city. The Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) forces two days ago have launched an offensive on the residential area south of the province of Deir ez-Zor. This was possible thanks to the air force of the International Coalition. The Syrian fighters had first struck the Daesh posts in the area with the artillery. Afterwards, in the recent hours, they invaded ‘en masse’ the city. The Islamic State does not seem to be willing to give up the area, and has even used several bomb-vehicles  (VBIED) against the enemy. Jihadists, though, are no longer capable to cope with the pressing of Kurdish led forces. As a consequence they are escaping southwards, towards Hajin and Abu Kamal (Al Bukama). Fir them this is the only possible direction, as in the west there is the Euphrates, while the east and north are controlled by the SDF. And also here, they are attacked by the airplanes of Inherent Resolve.

Syrian army rejects the attacks of Daesh and aims at taking jihadists by thirst in the Hamad desert, and control lake Faydat at Jubb

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army (SAA) is constantly rejecting Isis offensives at Deir ez-Zor. The last of these took place in the past hours at al-Abbas, north west of Abu Kamal. Moreover, the soldiers launched the operation of elimination of the big pocket of Daesh resistance in the western area of the province: namely the one of the Hamad desert which goes upto the T2 military base at Homs. The objective is to make the Islamic State die of thirst. This is achieved by reaching and conquering lake Faydat at Jubb. This is the last important water source till as far as Homs. Once conquered, Isil will no longer have the possibility to access big quantities of water. Thus they will necessarily have to move towards the west and loose ground to the enemy. The troops of Damascus have targeted jihadists also at Hama, where they are attacking the territory from south. In the last hours they have conquered back Abu Kanadiq Janoubi, Jubb Zrayq, Abyan and the farms south of Abyan.

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