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Syria, local pro-Iran militiamen in the East begin to flee to SDF controlled areas

The pro-Iranian Syrian militiamen in the East are beginning to flee to the areas controlled by the SDF. The causes are on the one hand the fear of the increase in attacks from the former ISIS and mysterious drones; on the other, wages that are too low for the risks taken

The Islamic State offensive against the Syrian army (SAA) and allied militias, and mysterious drone attacks have led to a new phenomenon in the east of the country. Pro-Iranian para-military groups have begun fleeing to SDF-controlled areas. Deir Ezzor 24 confirms this, underlining that six men have left Station T2 to move beyond the Euphrates. Days ago there was a similar incident south of Raqqa, involving units newly enlisted by the IRGC. The causes of the growing phenomenon are two: on the one hand there is the fear of attacks by mysterious drones and raids of the former ISIS, which have multiplied in the last period; on the other hand, there are wages, judged to be too low in relation to the risks taken.



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