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Syria, last Isis group of the “Micro Caliphate” in Deir Ezzor surrenders to SDF

The last group of Isis militiamen of the “Micro Caliphate” at Deir Ezzor surrenders to the SDF. In Baghuz Fawqani only a handful of Islamic State jihadists remain, with families used as human shields

Isis at Deir Ezzor is finished, definitely. The last militiamen of the Islamic State in the Syrian province, barricaded in a small area in Baghuz Fawqani, surrendered to the SDF of Operation Round (Jazeera Storm). There remain a handful with the families, that the Daesh jihadists do not hesitated to use as human shields, but most of them have been evacuated in these hours with buses arriving specifically in the area. It is not clear whether the Arab-Kurdish forces will enter the camp or wait again. What is certain, however, is that what was once a real army, today has been reduced to a handful of men. These, however, fight each other. Humanitarian workers, who were allowed to bring food and water into the IS camp, have reported seeing several extremist bodies on the ground. Killed by their companions, as they wanted to surrender.

Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm continues to clean up the Syrian province from mines and Daesh IEDs. At the same time, the searches of the fugitives continue, both on the surface and among the displaced, and in the underground tunnels

Meanwhile, the SDF continue the evacuations of civilians from Baghuz Fawqani, nicknamed the “Micro Caliphate”, after the total military defeat suffered by Isis at Deir Ezzor. At the same time, Jazeera Storm continues to clean up what were once the strongholds of the Islamic State in the Syrian province. From Hajin to Sha’Fah, to allow local inhabitants to return to their homes as soon as possible. However, operations may take weeks. Above all to the south. This, following the fact that the Daesh jihadists have filled the villages with mines and IEDs, in a desperate but vain effort to slow down the enemy offensive. In addition, close searches of ​​possible fugitives are underway throughout the area. Both on the surface and among the displaced and in the dense networks of underground tunnels, which the militia have created over time.

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