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Syria: Kurds prepare for Coronavirus, which mainly damages Isis

Kurds in northern and eastern Syria are shielding themselves against the possible arrival of a Coronavirus epidemic. This was born in Deir Ezzor, carried by pro-Iranian militias and Isis

In Syria, despite Damascus denying the presence of Coronavirus infections, the Kurds take measures to combat the pandemic. This initially developed in Deir Ezzor, transmitted by pro-Iranian militias and Isis jihadists. Now there is a risk that it could quickly spread to the rest of the country. Following this, some preventive measures were taken. Throughout the region, schools and universities have been closed, gatherings have been banned and the entry of foreigners has been prohibited. In addition, the population was asked to leave the house only if necessary and to avoid crowded places. Finally, all the Friday prayers in mosques are suspended. At the same time, hospitals have started to equip themselves to deal with COVID-19 and efforts are being made to ensure that basic goods are always available in the markets.

The refugee camps and prisons of the Islamic State foreign fighters between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor are at risk. Ad hoc measures are underway to reduce the risks of the pandemic

The Kurds are also adopting sterilization procedures in the refugee camps and prisons between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor, where Isis foreign fighters and their families are held. There is great concern, in fact, that internal epidemics of Coronavirus will erupt due to the overcrowding of the structures. The greatest risks come from the common bathrooms, from which water filters to the tents. By the way, visits and meetings with local organizations were banned. In addition, a distribution of medicines and initiatives to educate occupants on COVID-19 risks are underway. Finally, the number of people and security forces has been increased, to prevent someone infected from trying to escape.

Meanwhile, Daesh militiamen are the ones who suffer the most damage from the COVID-19 risk. They are forced to drastically reduce operational capacity, but SDF and Inherent Resolve don’t stop

The anti-Coronavirus precautions in Syria, however, seriously damage Isis. After a first moment, in which the Islamic State used the pandemic for propaganda purposes, it forced the jihadists to back down. Al Naba, in fact, has issued a leaflet in which warns the Daesh militiamen on the danger and oblige them to take a series of precautions. First of all, do not enter or leave the contagion areas. In addition, it is mandatory to maintain isolation and a safe distance, even among one’s companions. Finally, practical indications are provided on how to reduce the risks of contracting COVID-19. This translates into fewer attacks against SDF, structures and the population, especially in Deir Ezzor, and reduced operational capacity. Instead, it benefits the activities of the Kurdish forces and Inherent Resolve, which have not stopped for the pandemic, as confirmed by the latest operations in the area.

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