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Syria, Jordan’s maxi anti-drug operation on the border with Suwayda

Jordanian maxi drug operation on the border with Suwayda. Amman has launched an offensive since January to stop smuggling, managed by Hezbollah, from Syria

The Jordanian army has launched a surprise maxi offensive against smugglers on the Syrian border. The objective of the operation: to stop a large shipment of drugs in transit between the two countries. The maneuvers, which took place simultaneously in several areas south of Suwayda near the villages of Khirbet Awad and Al-Mughayir, were a success according to local sources: the toll was 27 traffickers killed. The rest, many of them wounded, fled back to Syria. This is just the latest in a series of operations that Amman launched in January 2020 to counter the smuggling of goods and drugs from the neighboring country. The intelligence believes that the trafficking is mainly managed by elements of Hezbollah, with the complicity of military personnel from Damascus.

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