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Syria, Islamic State propaganda goes from flyers to billboards

Islamic State propaganda goes from flyers to billboards. Pro-ISIS threat posters found, stuck on mosque doors and building walls in Deir Ezzor. It is the confirmation that the group is increasingly weak

The propaganda campaign of the Islamic State in the east of the changes from leaflets to posters. In recent days, the province of Deir Ezzor has been invaded by posters threatening the death penalty for civilians who will violate the rules imposed by pro-ISIS jihadists and who will not pay them the zakat, the Muslim ritual offering. The writings were found pasted on the doors of mosques, on light poles and on the walls of some buildings. The initiative follows a similar one linked to leaflets and coincides with the escalation of activity of some IS cells especially in the northern area of the quadrant. He confirms, however, that the group is increasingly weak. In fact, in the past, communications were distributed by hand by the militiamen themselves. Today, however, the fundamentalists are forced to find them because they no longer have control of the territory and cannot move freely.

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