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Syria, Islamic State militiamen threaten to kill hostages in Gwayran

Islamic State militiamen threaten to kill hostages in Gwayran. SDF and Inherent Resolve besiege Al-Sina’a prison, where between 500 and 600 pro-ISIS jihadists have barricaded themselves. Inside there are also the Caliphate Cubs

The siege of the Al-Sina’a prison in Gwayran (Ghuwayran) continues, where a large group of Islamic State militiamen has barricaded themselves inside the structure with over 50 hostages. The former ISIS jihadists, between 500 and 600, threaten to kill all prisoners if the SDF does not allow them to escape. The Kurdish forces are taking their time for now, advising with the partners of Inherent Resolve to find a possible solution to the crisis. Meanwhile, the local special forces and the Coalition are studying a plan to carry out a raid if the terrorists actually start killing the hostages. Moreover, in the Syrian prison in Hasaka there are also hundreds of very young people: they are the “Caliphate Cubs (Ashbal Al-Khilafa), the child soldiers of IS, who could be “sacrificed” by adult militiamen or used as human shields in the event of a break-in inside the facility.

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