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Syria, Isis tries to take revenge on SDF by hitting Raqqa civilians

Isis strikes civilians in Raqqa to take revenge for the defeat against the SDF. Jazeera Storm, however, hunts the Islamic State sleeper cells in the city. Furthermore, it strengthens security in the prisons at Deir Ezzor

Isis has launched a campaign of attacks and murders in Raqqa, as revenge for the defeat suffered by the SDF in Syria. In the past few hours the city has been shaken by new explosions, after those of last week following a failed attack by the Islamic State against the headquarters of Jazeera Storm. According to local sources there are deaths and injuries among civilians, including children. Following this, the Arab-Kurdish forces have intensified vigilance and targeted blitzes in the former capital of the Caliphate, in search of the fundamentalists’ sleeper cells. In addition, they have strengthened security at the prisons in Deir Ezzor where thousands of IS terrorists are detained, fearing that there may be attempts to free them. Moreover, especially in Baghouz, mass yields continue, although they are smaller than those that occurred during the final offensive of Syrian fighters.

A manhunt is underway in Iraq towards the Daesh facilitators. The Najaf police arrested one of the reconnaissance leaders IS, responsible for the jihadists’ transfers through the Hadr desert

A manhunt for ISIS militants is also underway in Iraq. The ISF have targeted both the leaders of the Islamic State and the network of facilitators, which guarantees protection and support for jihadists. Indeed, the Najaf Police yesterday arrested one of the Islamic State’s reconnaissance leaders. The man was responsible for transporting the Daesh fundamentalists across the Hadr desert and providing them with safe huses. In the search, some “very interesting” documents were found, They could help shed light on the routes and modus operandi of the facilitators. Baghdad intelligence is trying to figure out how many IS terrorists are hidden in the Hadr desert. This in order to organize a large-scale offensive as soon as possible to neutralize them.

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