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Syria, Isis tries to strengthen its position in the desert of Badia Al-Sham

Isis in Syria seeks to strengthen its position in the Badia Al-Sham desert, continuing to attack the army of Damascus (SAA). Perhaps Al-Baghdadi is in the area. Certainly the Islamic State wants to create a buffer zone and a new stronghold

Isis in Syria seeks to strengthen its position in the Badia Al-Sham desert, between Homs and Deir Ezzor. Islamic State militia have launched a campaign of attacks against the Damascus Army (SAA) in the area, which so far has caused over 100 soldiers to die. The last two incidents took place only a few hours ago towards Palmyra and in the desert. It seems, but there is no confirmation, that the boom in Daesh offensives may be due to the possible presence of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in the quadrant. The militants want to extend their territories with a dual objective: on one hand to create a buffer zone that serves to delay possible enemy offensives, giving top leaders the chance to escape. On the other, to set up a real stronghold in which all of their scattered comrades, not yet discovered by the Jazeera Storm SDFs or the SAA, can merge.

Iraq, Daesh is losing the Hamrin mountains in Diyala. ISF and the Coalition attack Wadi Ashai, destroying tunnel networks and neutralizing the militia’s sleeper cells. Perhaps also the F-35A Lightning used. If confirmed, for the new aircraft it would be the first combat operation

This, especially as Isis is losing its cornerstones, one after the other. The last one that is falling is are the Hamrin mountains in Diyala, Iraq. ISF and Inherent Resolve forces have recently launched an operation to dismantle the sleeper cells of the Islamic State and their tunnel networks. In the latest attacks, militants in the Wadi Ashai area have been targeted. The International Coalition has destroyed jihadist galleries systems, buildings, caves and command and control centers. Then, the anti-terrorist forces of Baghdad intervened with blitz on the ground to neutralize the fundamentalists. Moreover, it seems that the international strikes have been carried out with the F-35A Lightning. If confirmed, it would be the first combat operation for the new aircraft.

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