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Syria, Isis tries to open a new route in Deir Ezzor along the Euphrates

Isis tries to open a new route in Deir Ezzor to the east through the Euphrates. Militia of the Islamic State attack the SAA and the SDF between Busayrah and Qurriya

Isis in Deir Ezzor is trying to open a new route to East between Busayrah and Qurriyya. Militants of the Islamic State attacked a Syrian army (SAA) post towards the Euphrates and, subsequently, there were bomb attacks both on the other river bank and against the SDF along the Shaddadi Road at Shahil. The goal of the Daesh jihadists is to create a safe corridor through the areas of the province, after Jazeera Storm has blocked all the main routes used so far. First, the terrorists pointed to the north, but the vigilance of the Arab-Kurd forces was too high. As a result, they have now opted for the south. It is no coincidence that numerous SDF operations were concentrated in the quadrant to neutralize IS cells. First in Busayrah and Shahil, then in the direction of Kharaji, also with the involvement of the International Coalition.

The only escape route for Daesh from Syria is to the south, but the jihadists must pass through the territory of Jazeera Storm to reach the border

The only escape route for Isis from Syria, in fact, passes south and east. In Iraq, however, the FSI are conducting a series of operations, including Victory Will (Irada al-Nasr), in Anbar, Nineveh, Salahuddin and Diyala (in the Hamrin mountains) to eliminate the pockets of resistance of the Islamic State. Consequently, the least risky route to Daesh is the one from Deir Ezzor pointing towards Qaim on the border with Iraq. Here the ISF have already completed the maneuvers and the supervision, at least in theory, seems to be less rigid than in other areas. But to reach it it is necessary to cross the Euphrates and cross the territory of the SDFs. To do so, you need a safe path and actions that distract Jazeera Storm’s troops. Otherwise, the attempts will be lost at the start.

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