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Syria, Isis tries in vain to counterattack the SDF and the SAA at Deir Ezzor

Isis at Deir Ezzor launched multiple coordinated attacks against the SDF and the Syrian army (SAA). However, the action turned into a boomerang, and in a particularly crucial moment for Daesh

Isis launches counterattacks against the SDF and the Syrian army (SAA) at Deir Ezzor with a dual objective: on one hand to ward off the ground offensive at Hajin. On the other to galvanize the militiamen, by now exhausted and not motivated by ideals. The militiamen of the Islamic State assaulted the forces of Operation Round Up in the area of the oil fields at Hurayji and against SAA at Abu Kamal. In both cases they were rejected and suffered losses. The leaders of Daesh wanted to show their men that they were still capable to launch multiple coordinated offensives. But their total failure turned out as a boomerang. This, indeed, not only caused a waste of lives and resources, but also weakened further the already low morale of the terrorists. And in a particularly critical moment. The maneuvers at Hajin, together with the ones in the Badia desert, will be decisive for the existence of IS in Syria.

At Suweida the agreement failed between Damascus and the Islamic State for the release of the druse prisoners in exchange of a safe conduct for the jihadists and their transfer to the desert of Badia at Deir Ezzor

Meanwhile, at Suweida the Syrian army is preparing to strike the final blow to Isis at Al-Safa. This after the failure of attempts to reach an agreement between Damascus and the Islamic State, presumably prompted and mediated by Russia. Daesh, in exchange for the release of the druse prisoners captured on 25 July, demands a safe conduct and transfer to the desert of Badia at Deir Ezzor. The dialogue continues, hoping to reach a last minute agreement, but in the meantime the SAA and the Syrian air fighters continue with the offensive. The only two advantages of the jihadists are the hostages and the mountainous area, ideal for guerrilla tactics. However these will not last long. As a consequence, either the militiamen find an agreement or their fate will be sealed. Even more so if they decide to execute the druse prisoners.
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