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Syria, Isis targets the “blasphemous” symbols in Deir Ezzor

Isis targets “blasphemous” places in eastern Syria. Lightning attack for an Islamic State commando on a café in Deir Ezzor

Isis in eastern Syria attacks “blasphemous” places. In the past few hours, an armed commando aboard a motorcycle opened fire on a café in Al-Dahla, in the province of Deir Ezzor, killing one person and injuring two others. This is not an isolated case, but only the latest episode of violence that sees the Islamic State targeting the symbols of “sin” and “westernization” in the area. Daesh aims at two objectives: on the one hand, to scare the local population, to discourage them from attending “blasphemous” places or adopting incorrect behavior. On the other hand, instill terror and show that the jihadists are still “alive” and active. The militants, in fact, thus hope to get support from civilians (money). Especially at a time like this when the SDF and Inherent Resolve have increased the pressure on them and, therefore, finding resources is increasingly difficult.

The hit and run attacks are a further sign that Daesh is weak. It needs resources and runs out of men

The modality of this type of Isis attacks on Deir Ezzor and in Eastern Syria is always the same: hit and run. A commando suddenly attacks a “blasphemous” target or enemy, usually by shooting in the crowd or throwing bombs. Then, the militiamen of the Islamic State flee immediately, without carrying out the action. This means that Daesh is running out of funds and men, as well as that it is in dire need of recovering resources and image. In fact, small, expendable nucleus are employed, which do not attack rewarding military targets except for a few cases. They hit where they can, trying to maximize the effects, especially on a psychological level. Not surprisingly, there have recently been no major offensives against the SDF or Inherent Resolve, but only raids against isolated units or the population. Terrorists know they would have no chance of victory. Consequently, they choose “survival actions” hoping for better times.

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