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Syria, Isis takes revenge on the population in Deir Ezzor for last blows

Isis takes revenge on the population for the defeats suffered recently in eastern Syria. Abductions and murders of civilians, “guilty” according to the Islamic State of cooperating with the SDF and Inherent Resolve, increase

Isis takes revenge on the population for the blows suffered in Syria due to the SDF and Inherent Resolve. In recent days there have been several murders of local inhabitants in Deir Ezzor, the work of militants of the Islamic State. These have, in fact, begun to execute civilians, “guilty” of having cooperated with the enemy and allowed to discover hideouts or cells. The latest occurred in a village near Hawaij and resulted in the death of an employee of the Civil Council. The man was kidnapped from his home, taken to the desert and beheaded by the Daesh jihadists. Then, the terrorists dumped the body in the main square and fired a few shots in the air to attract attention. The aim of the new strategy is to scare the local population to reduce the chances of it cooperating with the Arab-Kurdish forces.

Daesh has been undergoing unbearable pressure for some time in eastern Syria. This is due to the greater presence of “hostile” military forces and to the fact that the local inhabitants cooperate more and more with the “enemy”

In fact, Isis is in great difficulty in eastern Syria. For some time, the SDF and Inherent Resolve have exponentially increased pressure on jihadists, forcing them to flee to Iraq. This thanks to two elements: on one hand there was the strengthening of the international presence in the area and the arrival of specialized assets against the Islamic State. On the other, an increasing cooperation from the local inhabitants, who are no longer afraid of Daesh. Indeed, in many cases they want to take revenge and do not miss an opportunity to communicate to the Arab-Kurdish forces the movements of terrorists on the territory in which they live. This has meant that IS is trying to batten down the hatches. But, since the SDF and the Coalition are too strong, the only other axis on which it can act is that of civilians.

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