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Syria, Isis seeks revenge on Deir Ezzor but suffers blows in Iraq

Isis seeks revenge against the SDF and the population in Deir Ezzor. The militia carry out various attacks to block the Jazeera Storm’ hunt of the Islamic State cells and ease security on the Iraqi-Syria border

Isis seeks revenge on Deir Ezzor with a series of small attacks at close range against the SDF and the population. For the past three days the militants of the Islamic State have hit Markadah, Hasakah, Suwar, Busayrah, Dhiban, Tayyanah and Hawayij. The goal of the jihadists is to respond to the massive operation of Jazeera Storm to find Daesh cells and seal the borders with Iraq. This follows the fact that in the neighboring country the Victory Will maneuvers (Irada al-Nasr) are underway. These aim to eliminate the large militia pocket in the desert to the west up to the border of Syria. The ISF, in fact, are pressing the fundamentalists between Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin. Focusing not only on terrorists, but also on their supply and communication networks.

In Iraq the anti-Daesh Operation Victory Will (Irada al-Nasr) has reached phase two. The invasion within the triangle between Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin. Objective: close the jihadists in a restricted area and then launch the final attack (last phase)

Meanwhile, in Iraq the anti-Isis Victory Will operation proceeds quickly. In the past few hours the maneuvers have reached phase two. The ISF, after having expelled the Islamic State militiamen from the sides of the “triangle”, also to the border with Syria, are now proceeding inside it on various axes. The objective is twofold. On the one hand to prevent Daesh jihadists from escaping from the area and hiding elsewhere. On the other, close them in a circumscribed quadrant so that they can be more easily controlled and attacked. At that point the third phase, the final and most intense, will begin. It will see the soldiers launch a simultaneous multiple offensive to definitively neutralize the large IS pocket in the desert. Baghdad has not given time for the end of Irada al-Nasr. According to the government, the maneuvers will end when the group has been destroyed.

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