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Syria, Isis raises the bar against the SAA by increasing attacks in Badia

Isis raises the bar against the SAA by increasing the attacks on Badia. IS, from hit and run raids, passes to complex ones that also see the kidnapping of soldiers

Isis still raises the bar against the Syrian army (SAA) in the Badia desert and increases the raids. The IS jihadists have changed their strategy from lightning raids to more complex ones, which have resulted in the deaths of numerous soldiers and the capture of others. The most affected area is the road between Damascus and Raqqa. Not surprisingly, at Wadi al-Azeeb, there was the last ambush of the militiamen. The toll was at least 12 military deaths and 15 wounded, three of which are civilians. Again, it appears that the terrorists have captured some men. The previous one, however, only occurred the day before yesterday in the Wadi Al-Ozayb quadrant. The regime tries to take cover to reverse the trend, sending continuous reinforcements and relying on Russian strikes. Efforts, however, have so far been in vain.

Meanwhile, pro-Turkish militias continue their attempts to infiltrate Syrian Kurdistan

Further north, attempts by pro-Turkish militias to infiltrate Syrian Kurdistan continue. The latest was thwarted by the SDF a few hours ago and saw jihadists move from the village of Houshariyyah, east of Aleppo, to “Manbij Military Council” posts. At the same time, the clashes on the ground continue and reach also Hazwan and Al-Daghalbash (al-Bab). Specifically, they are involving Abla and Hazwan. In addition, Ankara’s allied forces attacked Jamusiya, Um Jaloud, Um Adaseh and Al-Sayyada with artillery. The bombings add to those that have just occurred in Tel Rifat, the al-Shehaba dam, al-Nayrabeya and Samouqa.

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