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Syria, Isis raises its head in Deir Ezzor and in the East by attacking the SAA

Isis raises its head in Deir Ezzor and in the East by attacking the SAA: IS raids in Al-Taym and Hama. The clashes only ended thanks to the intervention of Russia

Isis has resumed the campaign of attacks against the Syrian army (SAA) in Badia. In particular, the jihadists targeted SAA positions south of Deir Ezzor, near the Al-Taym oil plants. The militiamen of the Islamic State tried to take control of the infrastructure. The offensive was thwarted, but only after hours of clashes and thanks to the intervention of the Russian air component. The previous day, however, soldiers’ posts east of Hama had been attacked. Even in that case, the situation was resolved thanks to the Moscow fighters, which dispersed the attackers. The troops of Damascus, in fact, alone cannot fight the enemy. The offensive in the desert is not bringing the desired results, despite having been up for several weeks now. In addition, the Federation recently sent a contingent to the ground, but this is mainly concerned with protecting allies.

Meanwhile, the SDF intensify the fight against pro-Islamic State smuggling via the Euphrates and protect themselves against infiltration attempts by pro-Iran militias

Further east in Deir Ezzor, the SDF have stepped up operations to dismantle the smuggler cells supporting Isis and to stop the IS killers groups. In the past few hours, a curfew has been imposed on motorcycles in Shahil and Jadidat Bakara. In addition, numerous elements of the Kurdish forces have been deployed along the Euphrates. These control the ferries that cross the river and patrol the area extensively. Objective: to stop the flow of weapons, equipment and men, destined for Islamic State groups in the Syrian region. In parallel, trenches have also been dug and barriers erected in Salehiyah, near the front line posts of pro-Iranian militias, allied with Damascus. The SDF want to discourage possible infiltration or espionage attempts by hostile actors.

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