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Syria, Isis quickly lost Hajin thanks to the precise targeting of Sand Hippos

Isis lost Hajin very quickly thanks to the precise targeting of Sand Hippos. The mysterious group, on Little Bird helicopters, eliminates the most concrete and imminent Islamic State threats in Deir Ezzor

The secret in the defeat of Isis in Hajin, which occurred faster than expected, is in the “precise targeting” of the jihadists by the Sand Hippos. The mysterious group, which has long targeted the Islamic State’s leadership in the area, has changed tactics and intervened more visibly against militiamen during Operation Round Up SDF offensive (Jazeera Storm) in the stronghold of Deir Ezzor. Syrian fighters and elements of the unit work to identify and “light up” the Daesh targets to hit. Others are on board Little Bird helicopters. These, as soon as they receive the coordinates, get up in the air and with snipers neutralize the IS terrorists. Then they move elsewhere and repeat the action. It is the first time that the group intervenes so openly in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV), but this has become necessary as a result of the limited availability of Arab-Kurdish forces.

The tactic, in addition to decimating the ranks of Daesh, is also allowing to avoid the risks of collateral damage, protecting the population. Furthermore, it has turned an uncertain campaign into a success in a short time. Although he made the Sand Hippos, for the first time, almost visible

The precise targeting of Sand Hippos on Isis in Deir Ezzor, in addition to decimating the militia, is also achieving other results. First of all, it drastically reduces the risk of collateral damages. Targeted selection prevents the civilian population from being involved in attacks on the Islamic State. Moreover, it allows to eliminate the most concrete and imminent Daesh threats to the SDF, decreasing the obstacles for the advancing troops. Moreover, at a distance and by means of rapid arrangements such as the Litte Bird. Thus, with less danger to operators and a large area of ​​operations. These elements have turned Hajin’s campaign from uncertain to a success. The availability of Arab-Kurdish troops, as a result of the constant Turkish threat to the north, was indeed reduced. Furthermore, the jihadists exploited tactics such as tunnel networks and snipers. Thus, the movements of the SDF were limited and slowed down. The air component, however, has unlocked the situation.

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