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Syria, Isis pressed by SDF and US-led Coalition at Bahrah and Hajin

The SDF attack Isis at Bahrah from far and near. The International Coalition bombs Daesh at Hajin

The pressing of the SDF of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) and of the US-led Coalition on Isis at Deir ez-Zor works. The Daesh militants are escaping southwards in the direction of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal), along the eastern banks of the Euphrates. The Syrian fighters are attacking the jihadists at Bahrah both with the troops on the ground and with the long distance missiles. The last were launched from the Omar petrol fields and seem to have caused several victims in the ranks of the Islamic State. Inherent Resolve, instead, has done some bombing in Hajin. The balance was of 8 terrorists killed and 3 vehicles destroyed. Isil, realizing that they were surrounded, has sorted the exodus towards Sha’fah and the border area with Iraq. Incidentally, the fundamentalists have just transferred approximately 75 prisoners in the town. These are precious merchandise to be used in particular as human shields in case they are attacked by the enemy.

The Syrian army is moving against the Isis pocket of resistance between Hama, Idib and Aleppo. The militants are pressed from north and south

The Syrian army (SAA) too is moving against Isis. The area though is a different one. It is the triangle between Hama, Idlib and Aleppo. The soldiers of Damascus have thrown Daesh out of Abisyan, Jabal Abisyan, Rasem Kihla, Jadidat, Khaflat, Abu Hamad, Tabarat Azib, the citadel Andarin, Jubb Safa and Aiblatan. The Tiger Force in parallel have seized Aniz, Sheikh Muzuad, Eblat, Eblat Jadida, Rasem Wird, Dahiriyat, Rasm Qahrt and Thaniyat Sawfan. In the last days, instead, the troops have taken control of Murayjib, Tarfawi, Jadwaiyah. Rasm al-Tiwal, Rasm al-Tiwal, Sharqiyah and Tiwal al-Dabaghin. Actually, there is an offensive against the Islamic State from two axes, north and south, going on. L’objective is to close the jihadists at Hama so it can be possible to launch the final attack.

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