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Syria, Isis militias in Deir Ezzor surrender to the SDF so as not to starve

A further 200 Isis elements surrendered to the SDF in Deir Ezzor. The militiamen of the Islamic State in Baghuz Fawqani, having finished the food supplies, first freed the families. Finally, they were forced to give up to Jazeera Storm

Another 200 Isis militiamen surrendered to the SDF in the last hours in the Baghuz Fawqani area. Syrian fighters have taken over the group, including numerous foreign fighters, and are currently carrying out all the necessary checks. The decision to lay down arms arises essentially from the fact that the Islamic State jihadists know that there are very few possibilities of escape. Therefore, the alternative is to surrender or die. Not necessarily fighting against Jazeera Storm, but above all for hunger. In fact, Daesh to Deir Ezzor has no more resources. The confirmation comes from the fact that in recent days many fundamentalist families have left the area to reach the Arab-Kurdish forces. The men gave up the human shields to make sure there were fewer mouths to feed and the fighters had more food. However, even the last stocks left were quickly finished.

For many wives and children of Daesh jihadists, the lack of food was salvation. Some have maintained loyalty to IS. But many others managed to escape from tyranny and almost certain death. Now they have the possibility to come back to life

Baghuz Fawqani’s food shortage was providential for many Isis militia families. These, in fact, have been freed from the tyranny of their husbands / fathers. For more on their request. Some “irreducible” have continued to show loyalty to the Islamic State and the Caliphate, spreading propaganda above all for international media. But most of them immediately took the opportunity to remove themselves and their children from violence. Otherwise, they would most likely have lost their lives for being forced to protect Daesh jihadists. Thanks to this opportunity, however, they have the possibility to come back to life. Also because the SDF have always had a respectful and fair attitude, even with prisoners.

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