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Syria, Isis militants in SDF prisons fear the coronavirus


ISIS militiamen are afraid of coronavirus. This is confirmed by an attempt to escape the Islamic State jihadists from a prison in the Hasaka SDF for fear of being infected

The Isis militiamen, prisoners of the SDF in Syria, are afraid of the coronavirus. It’s confirmed by an attempt to escape from a prison of Arab-Kurdish forces in Ghweran (Hasaka), in which about 5,000 jihadists of the Islamic State are imprisoned and due to the fear of contagions. These first exposed sheets with messages directed to Inherent Resolve and humanitarian organizations. Then, they took control of the ground floor of the structure and destroyed internal walls and doors. At first it was thought that some of them managed to escape. Then, however, the news was denied by military sources. Meanwhile, the riot inside the prison has been quashed by local anti-terrorism forces, while international assets were monitoring outside to intercept any Daesh fugitives. The situation, however, remains tense and reinforcements are coming to the SDF at all the camps in the quadrant: from Hasaka to Deir Ezzor.

Meanwhile, Turkey is “testing” the ground in Idlib for new joint patrols with Russia on the M4

Meanwhile, Turkey has carried out a new patrol on the M4 aa Idlib, always without Russia. The TAF traveled the stretch of highway from Saraqeb to Masibin, where Ankara had sent reinforcements in recent days. The goal is to “test” the ground before organizing a new joint activity with the Federation. In fact, before moving its troops, Moscow wants to be sure that the convoys are not attacked. It also ordered the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to speed up operations to secure the road. Not surprisingly, Turkey has created permanent garrisons in Masibin and Kufayr. In addition, it could also move troops to Muhanbai or Arihah, in order to increase deterrence against possible militia raids. It remains, however, to understand how these will behave when even Russian assets, considered sworn enemies, enter the province. Will Ankara’s parallel diplomacy work?

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