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Syria, Isis lost Hajin. The militiamen relegated only to the southern suburbs

The SDF conquered the Isis stronghold in Deir Ezzor: Hajin. The Islamic State loses the city, considered very difficult, in just three weeks of battle. Jazeera Storm now pushes towards the center of enemy territory

Isis lost Hajin. SDF of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) driven the jihadists from across the city to Deir Ezzor, limiting their presence to a peripheral area to the south. Daesh in less than three weeks has lost its most important stronghold in the Syrian province and is now relegated between Abu al-Khatir (Al Bukhater) and Harse. The Kurdish Arab forces, however, have already targeted the first place to extend the security bubble and isolate and surround the remaining jihadists, especially in the quadrant of Tall Halim. Meanwhile, the International Coalition continues to bomb the militia posts in al Qal’ah. The goal is to weaken the IS lines of defense and prevent terrorists from receiving reinforcements from the west of the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). These have tried some counterattacks in the past few hours, but they have been rejected with heavy losses.

The Arab-Kurdish forces also cut the areas controlled by Daesh in two. Objective: isolate and surround them to attach more easily. Meanwhile, they are pushing north from Baghuz

The SDF are in parallel operating in Deir Ezzor, along the Euphrates, to cut the areas still controlled by Isis in two. Jazeera Storm made a surprise raid on the road between Abu Hassan and Susah, driving the Islamic State from a strategic area. This allowed the Arab-Kurdish forces to block the road, the main one between the two locations. In fact, creating two separate and isolated quadrants. One goes from Hajin to al-Husayyah. The other one, as far as Harse, passing through Sha’Fah (one of the last Daesh’s strongholds left in Syria). Moreover, the SDF are already attacking them both. The first from the north and the second from the south, from the Baghuz area. Meanwhile, captured terrorists multiply everywhere, while others attempt to escape through the Euphrates to head west.

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