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Syria, Isis loses 80 militants between Hasaka-Deir Ezzor in a week

Isis loses 80 militiamen between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor in one week. This thanks to the “Deterrence of Terrorism” operation of the SDF and Inherent Resolve, which has already cleared 150 villages from the Daesh presence

Isis has so far lost at least 80 militiamen between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor, following the SDF and Inherent Resolve’s “Deterrence of Terrorism” operation. The anti-Daesh maneuvers in Northeast Syria, which began just a week ago, have already seen about 150 villages completely cleared from the presence of the jihadists. In addition, several Islamic State’s leaders and key figures of the logistics and support network were captured. The last eleven just a few hours ago. It is the biggest offensive of the Kurdish forces against IS since the fall of Baghuz. More than six thousand soldiers participate in the desert area near the Khabur River to the border with Iraq. Several terrorist cells are hiding here, surprisingly attacking soldiers and civilians in the region, as well as shuttling between the two countries so as not to be detected by enemies and to replenish when necessary.

Meanwhile, Russia still intervenes in Idlib in support of the SAA, which tries to push the militias towards the M4 to close them between two fires, forcing the Turkish TAF to intervene

Meanwhile, Russia makes a new strike in support of the Syrian army (SAA) in Idlib. It is the third in less than two weeks. The attack took place in Bilion and Jabal Al Zawiya. Objective: to integrate the SAA artillery offensive on Kansafra, Al-Fateera and Fleifel in the south of the province. This, perhaps in anticipation of an imminent ground offensive by regular soldiers, who in recent days have received numerous armored reinforcements in the area. Damascus aims to push the local militias towards the M4 to force the Turkish TAF to intervene. Furthermore, by “lightening” the hostile presence in the dial, it will be easier to resume the last part of Hama and therefore reduce the maneuvering space of the enemies, closed between two fires.

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