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Syria, Isis launches Operation “Al-Abra” to evacuate militants from Deir Ezzor

Isis in Deir Ezzor launches Operation “Al-Abra” to evacuate the militants, especially from Baghouz. An Islamic State commando attacks SDF and SAA targets to benefit the escapes of comrades

Isis in Deir Ezzor has launched a major operation to evacuate the remaining members in the area and in particular in Baghouz. It seems that the nickname is Al-Abra (the boat), from the name of a boat used as a ferry. According to local sources, a group of Islamic State militia moves in the Syrian province to attack targets of the SDF and the Damascus Army (SAA). The goal could be to distract enemies, while other jihadists take care of driving their comrades away. The commando elements include the former offices of Security and al-Rikaz (the structure that managed the precious goods) members, coming from the desert of Badia Al-Sham. However, there were also local Daesh militias, after Jazeera Storm definitively destroyed the formation in the area.

Jazeera Storm, the Global Coalition and the Sand Hippos, however, are on the trail of Daesh jihadists

The “Al-Abra” group, however, is under fire from both SDF, the Global Coalition and foreign partners. In recent days, in fact, some ISIS leaders belonging to the commando have been killed in Inherent Resolve air raids and in clashes with the Jazeera Storm troops. Moreover, the Sand Hippos have begun to hunt these Islamic State jihadists. The mysterious group, divided into various units, is raking all of Deir Ezzor to find the Daesh militiamen and eliminate them, also blocking their connecting routes to the west, towards Badia Al-Sham, and to the east, in the direction of Iraq. By the way, vigilance on the border between the two countries has also increased to prevent the escape of IS fundamentalists, who point to the desert area between Anbar and Nineveh. Furthermore, this has been under attack by the ISF in Baghdad for a couple of days, which are advancing.

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