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Syria, Isis launches attacks campaign after appointment of Qurayshi as caliph

Isis raises his head in Syria, from Aleppo to Raqqa passing through Hasaka. The keystone was the appointment of Qurayshi as the new Caliph of the Islamic State

Isis begins to raise his head in Syria, after the appointment of al-Qurayshi as a new caliph. In the past few hours, Islamic State militants have carried out a series of new bomb attacks in the Middle Eastern country. Car-bombs exploded in Al-Bab and Azaz (Aleppo), as well as in Suluk (Raqqa). Furthermore, a Daesh cell in Hasaka came out into the open, publishing a video in which it swears loyalty to the leader. This joins another attack, which took place in Aleppo. A bomb exploded in Al-Ra’i, near a police station, killing two people and injuring others. Finally, the SDF in Raqqa in a raid dismantled a group of jihadists, which planned attacks against Arab-Kurdish forces and the population in the city and surrounding areas.

Are the attacks the beginning of the Daesh “month of anger” or just the general tests? Meanwhile, the SDF strengthen vigilance, especially along the Euphrates

The increase in ISIS attacks in Syria was expected. The militants, after the death of Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, awaited the appointment of the new caliph to start hitting again and to take revenge. Not surprisingly, in recent days on social media channels close to the Islamic State it was discussed exactly this. To launch a “month of anger”, characterized by numerous attacks throughout the country and elsewhere, as a response to the end of al-Baghdadi. It is not clear, however, if this has already begun or if the attacks are the general tests. What is certain, however, is that SDF take the threat very seriously. So much so that they have increased vigilance and security, especially along the Euphrates. Here, in fact, the jihadists coming from the west infiltrate to strengthen the ranks of the cells in the quadrant.

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