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Syria, Isis launches a surprise counter-offensive against the SAA in Rusafa

Isis launched a surprise counter-offensive against the Syrian army (SAA) in Rusafa. The Daesh jihadists aim to cross the Euphrates or to reach Aleppo

Isis launched a surprise counter-offensive against the Syrian army (SAA) in Rusafa, south of Raqqa and the Euphrates. In recent days there have been violent clashes between Damascus soldiers and Islamic State militiamen in the area, which have caused several deaths on both sides. According to local sources, the Daesh jihadists are trying to create a sort of stable garrison. The goal is to cross the river and move within the Kurdish quadrant or head towards Aleppo. The attacks began last week with a raid on a convoy of pro-Iranian militias in Jabal al-Bishri. Subsequently, they moved to Rusafa. Not surprisingly, the government had to immediately send reinforcements (involved in the latest battles) to thwart terrorist expansion attempts.

Meanwhile, Damascus intensifies the campaign in Idlib and for the first time aims the militia supply routes with targeted and continued attacks

Damascus, meanwhile, continues its offensive against the rebels south of Idlib. Objective: to conquer Barah. The city is strategic because it is a crossroads with Aleppo and Hama. In the past few hours, the SAA has intensified air raids and artillery attacks especially in the area of ​​Mount Zawiya. Soldiers are trying to destroy militia supply routes. They responded by hitting Syrian army posts in Kafr Nabl. The increase in pressure has also led to the hypothesis that a ground operation in the province is imminent, even if in the past there had been similar attempts, always foiled by the jihadists who had managed to maintain defenses. In this case, however, there is a difference. For the first time, supply routes were aimed with targeted and continued strikes.

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