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Syria, Isis’s last excuse in Deir Ezzor: If we lose in this life, we will win in the hereafter

Isis militiamen in Baghuz Fawqani know that they lost against the SDF and try to justify themselves in a video released by Barakah Wilayah: If we lose in this life, we will win in the hereafter

Isis tries the card of the afterlife to justify his defeat against the SDF at Deir Ezzor. The Islamic State’s media, Barakah Wilayah, has released a new video from the Daesh tent city in Baghuz Fawqani, under attack by Syrian Jazeera Storm fighters. In the movie, a militiaman is interviewed, commenting on the latest events and the collapse of jihadists in the province. His answer is that if IS is defeated in this life, he will triumph in the herafter. Moreover the situation of the fundamentalists is also shown, in great difficulty and without more means or supplies. In fact, the International Coalition and the artillery of the Arab-Kurd forces are systematically eliminating all weapons and ammunition depots in the quadrant. This after destroying much of the tunnel network between Wadi Ali and Harse, used by terrorists to hide and escape the bombings.

Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm continues to attack the Islamic State tent city. The pressing is at maximum, but the SDF operate with prudence. The goal is to minimize losses by hitting Daesh from a safe distance

Meanwhile, violent clashes between the SDF and ISIS continue in Baghuz Fawqani. Jazeera Storm troops mainly use artillery and snipers. The land forces, on the other hand, are currently employed with a containment role around the Islamic State tent city. Their task is to block any surprise militia counterattack attempts. In the area there are less and less jihadists, both for the deaths due to the offensive and for the surrenders that have resumed after the start of the battle. Those who remain inside the enclave are trying to respond with suicide bombers, snipers and bombs. But they are less and less and ammunition stocks will end soon, without the possibility that they will be replaced. In fact, Syrian fighters are in no hurry. They are making IS play the last cards, keeping at a distance to minimize losses. Once finished, the battle will be over and the province free.

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