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Syria, ISIS in the shadows awaiting the appointment of al-Baghdadi’s successor

There is an almost surreal calm in eastern Syria: Isis is currently in the shadows, waiting to know who the new Caliph will be and what his guidelines are. Something could move soon. Al Furqan, the central propaganda media of the Islamic State, speaks of an imminent announcement

There is an almost surreal calm in eastern Syria, where apart from sporadic minor attacks, Isis seems to have disappeared. The various groups of the Islamic State, in all probability, await to know who will be the successor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and what his guidelines are. After the death of the self-proclaimed Caliph and his number two, there have been several speculations about who would become the leader of Daesh. But so far no official confirmation has been found, a sign that the members of the Shura IS do not agree on a single name. Something, however, could move soon. Al Furqan, a central jihadist propaganda media, released a note about an upcoming announcement. Moreover, this could be video or audio, as the outlet of the militia spreads almost only multimedia content.

Meanwhile, the SDF continue the hunt for commanders and Daesh cells in the region. In addition, they strengthen vigilance in anticipation of IS revenge for al-Baghdadi’s death

Meanwhile, throughout the East of Syria, targeted operations are continuing to neutralize the ISIS commanders, who have begun to escape from their hiding places to flee after the death of al-Baghdadi. In recent hours there have been some SDF raids in Deir Ezzor against high-profile Islamic State commanders. In other cases, however, they are left free but carefully monitored. Objective: to acquire information on routes and sympathizers. At the same time, however, the Kurdish forces of Jazeera Storm are strengthening vigilance throughout the quadrant. It is feared that, once the Daesh leadership is reconstructed, the jihadists will launch their revenge in the whole region. This, targeting the prisons where their comrades are locked up, to increase their strength, and aiming at great military, civil and economic objectives. Like the oil fields, which is why US President Donald Trump re-deployed soldiers in Syria.

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