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Syria, Isis in the last battle at Deir Ezzor loses 164 members in a single day

Isis in Baghuz Fawqani lost 164 elements in one day only against the SDF. Jazeera Storm advances on two axes and rejects an attempt to counterattack the Islamic State

At least 164 ISIS militiamen were killed in just one day during the SDF’s final offensive between Wadi Ali and Harse. The Syrian fighters of Jazeera Storm are attacking on two axes the last garrison of the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor and so far they have lost only four elements, to which are added 38 wounded. At the moment violent clashes are taking place in Baghuz Fawqani, but the Arab-Kurdish forces continue to advance and in a short time they have conquered fifty Daesh posts in the quadrant. Furthermore, they rejected an attempt to counter-attack of the jihadists and foreclosed their 11 routes of communication to the north, east and south. Operation Round Up movements are supported by the International Coalition, with 65 strikes in recent hours. Moreover, during the maneuvers, two IS laptops were found and consequently sent to the intelligence to analyze their content.

Daesh militiamen south of Deir Ezzor are relegated to a dozen buildings and a dense network of underground tunnels. Meanwhile, their mass surrenders continue. In the last hours in about 150 gave up to the SDF

According to various sources, the Isis militias in Baghuz Fawqani are now only relegated to a dozen or buildings. It is feared, however, that in the dense network of tunnels under the field there may be other hidden. Their total number is not known, but it seems that it does not exceed 300 total units. Meanwhile, the Islamic State jihadists and their families continue to surrender to the SDF. In the last hours about 150 Daesh elements gave up to Jazeera Storm, most of whom were injured. The choice was forced because the ultra-radical group at Deir Ezzor no longer has food or medicine. As a result, the alternative would have been death almost certain. Meanwhile, the Arab-Kurdish forces have opened a humanitarian corridor to evacuate the last civilians from the area and the families of the IS members.

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